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New Look

The blog is going down for about a week. I am going through a re-work of the site and new hosting…see you soon.

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Mentoring Men

I found a really good article (blog post) on mentoring men at a blog I read periodically, The Art of Manliness. Some of you might enjoy reading the blog. Here is an excerpt…


Be a Man Mentor

Just as you need man mentors, so too do other men. No one needs guidance in the art of manliness more than boys and young men, who are trying to figure how to become worthy men. Every man should make mentoring a part of his life. Here are just a few ways to do that:

  • Become a Scout leader. Boy Scout troops always need volunteers who are eager to make a difference in boys’ lives.
  • Become a Big Brother. A lot of young men out there are growing up without a positive father figure in their lives. Be the man these boys can turn to and emulate as they grow up.
  • Volunteer with your church’s youth group. Lucky is the young man can find a man who is both an older friend and a spiritual mentor.
  • Get to know your kids’ friends. I guess some kids try to hide from adults, but I always liked chatting it up with my friends’ parents. Some of my friend’s dads became my friend in their own right. Obviously, you don’t want to be the dorky dad who’s always hanging around, and you should know when to let your son and his friends alone. But if they’re game, it’s okay to hang out with them from time to time. Take you son and his friends fishing or hunting.

Written by Brett & Kate McKay

The Return


Accenture Match Play Championship – Marana, Arizona

Tee Time:

12:02 pm Tiger Woods vs. Brendan Jones

18 Incredible Years

Eighteen years ago today Amy Mayfield become my wonderful wife. We had absolutely no idea what was going to happen in the coming years, we knew we wanted to be together. Looking back over the years I can honestly say she has been the most incredible blessing the Lord has given me. I am a blessed man because of Amy and the years we have spent together. I cannot imagine life without her or where I would be today if she had not said yes to my proposal.

I know we are both looking forward to the next eighteen years together and what God will allow us to see and do together.

I love you Amy.


Pat Hood

If LifePoint Church is where you attend I am asking you to go to Pat’s video to watch, listen and take action.

Collision ’09


In a little while I am leaving to go on the LifePoint High School retreat, Collision. Our High School Pastor, David, asked me several weeks ago to go and speak on Servant Leadership.

I want to ask you to pray for us as we head to Garner Creek. There will be approximately 130 high school students and another 20 or 30 (hopefully 30) adults that are worshiping, learning, laughing and losing sleep for the next few days.

I NEED YOU TO PRAY FOR ME!!!! Yes I am shouting.

Pray that I can model servant leadership. Pray that I can express from the Word what servant leadership looks like and means in a way high school students can grasp.

I will let you know how God moves next week.