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Mentoring Men

I found a really good article (blog post) on mentoring men at a blog I read periodically, The Art of Manliness. Some of you might enjoy reading the blog. Here is an excerpt…


Be a Man Mentor

Just as you need man mentors, so too do other men. No one needs guidance in the art of manliness more than boys and young men, who are trying to figure how to become worthy men. Every man should make mentoring a part of his life. Here are just a few ways to do that:

  • Become a Scout leader. Boy Scout troops always need volunteers who are eager to make a difference in boys’ lives.
  • Become a Big Brother. A lot of young men out there are growing up without a positive father figure in their lives. Be the man these boys can turn to and emulate as they grow up.
  • Volunteer with your church’s youth group. Lucky is the young man can find a man who is both an older friend and a spiritual mentor.
  • Get to know your kids’ friends. I guess some kids try to hide from adults, but I always liked chatting it up with my friends’ parents. Some of my friend’s dads became my friend in their own right. Obviously, you don’t want to be the dorky dad who’s always hanging around, and you should know when to let your son and his friends alone. But if they’re game, it’s okay to hang out with them from time to time. Take you son and his friends fishing or hunting.

Written by Brett & Kate McKay


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millsa portion of the article…

Not all the news about Southern Baptists is negative. The convention has begun to focus on planting churches among ethnic minorities and is seeing some promising results. And some older congregations who have adopted innovative practices are thriving.

That’s the case at Life Point Church in Smyrna — which recently changed its name from First Baptist Church. On Wednesday night several hundred teenagers packed an auditorium at the church, singing along as a rock band sang “Everlasting God,” their hands raised in prayer.

Down the hallway, a group of adults hung out, sipping coffee in the church’s World Cup Cafe, while others filled a nearby classroom for a budgeting class. On Sundays, more than 2,500 people will pack worship service. The church is already making plans to expand to a second satellite location.

In jeans and a khaki pullover, the Rev. Pat Hood doesn’t look like a typical Baptist pastor. But he remains conservative in his theology, and loyal to the convention.

“We are not ashamed of being Baptist,” he said. “But at the same time, our goal is not to make people Baptist. Our goal is to make people followers of Christ.”

Longtime church member Joel Sturdivant said the rock music and casual atmosphere help attract newcomers. But he believes a change in the attitude of members was more important.

When Sturdivant, now 70, first came to the church in 1977, it was a fairly insular community, he said.

“It was a typical First Baptist Church,” he said, “more about what we and us and my friends are doing than about what Scripture says we should be doing.”

That changed when a former missionary became pastor, and urged the congregation to be more community focused.

“It’s not just about me and my friends,” Sturdivant said. The church grew, he said, by loving its neighbors with actions, not words.

To read the entire article click here.

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God choosing me

my Amy, Jordan, Peyton, Evan

my mom

Tracey, Greg, Abby, Ellie, Lucy Grace, Zoe

the Word of God

the church I serve

my calling

the team of leaders I serve

the school my children attend and my wife serves

so many others I can’t name them all…

but I will update as God reminds me.

Time to list yours.

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Small Groups

We are a church of small groups. We have small groups that meet on Sunday morning and during the week in the homes of church members. Eddie tells me that we have around 100 adult small groups counting on campus and off campus groups. 

We also have student small groups for sixth graders through college students. There are close to 100 small groups for our students. I am a proponent of small groups. My family is part of an adult small group so we have first hand knowledge of what an active small group can do for your spiritual growth.

I want to link you to a story from Chris Hollomon, our Student Pastor about a small group story that you are going to love.

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A good interview with Billy Graham leading to his 90th birthday. Well worth the reading. [HT-Taylor]

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God, I ask you to give our new president wisdom to lead our country in a way that will satisfy you. I recognize the person you wanted to lead the USA won the election. Please remind me to pray for his family and their protection from danger. Please surround him with a leader(s) that follow you and may his heart be bent toward his/her/their counsel.

Lord, let his wife model Proverbs 31 to the world.

Please protect his daughters and mold their hearts to follow you each day.

God, Please remind me that I belong to a kingdom that is not of this world and that I am called to follow you each day. You placed my family in this country, under this administration, for a specific task. Thank you for being in control and for knowing the outcome from the very beginning. We rely on you. Amen.

[personal note] I do not agree with his public positions on many issues and did not vote for Barak Obama. It is still a historic day for our country to have elected a black (bi-racial) man to the highest office in the USA and to be possibly the most powerful leader on earth. I am glad to have a person of color in the office of president. Dr. MLK would be proud.

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In early 2009 (Feb.) I will begin teaching on Wednesday evenings at FBCSmyrna about living missional as a follower of Christ.

What are some subjects/topics that are related to this subject you think should be included in the teaching? Maybe they are a full session or maybe a short topic or statement included in session about something else. I would love to hear your thoughts.

People who are talking, thinking, and writing in this direction:

Ed Stetzer

Alan Hirsch


Al Hsu

[note to skeptics/critics – these guys challenge my thinking to live intentional in my culture so Christ can be known, we may or may not agree on everything, but they are leading the way in thinking missional]

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