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In a little while I am leaving to go on the LifePoint High School retreat, Collision. Our High School Pastor, David, asked me several weeks ago to go and speak on Servant Leadership.

I want to ask you to pray for us as we head to Garner Creek. There will be approximately 130 high school students and another 20 or 30 (hopefully 30) adults that are worshiping, learning, laughing and losing sleep for the next few days.

I NEED YOU TO PRAY FOR ME!!!! Yes I am shouting.

Pray that I can model servant leadership. Pray that I can express from the Word what servant leadership looks like and means in a way high school students can grasp.

I will let you know how God moves next week.


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Each Sunday of this year we hosted 200-400 more people a week over last year at this same time. We are blown away and excited about what God is doing each week in the lives of members and guests. This past Sunday in Connecting With Membership we hosted 25 people who began the process for membership. Sixteen (16) people indicated they desired to follow up with baptism.

Wednesday evening was the Student ministry’s outreach opportunity, Fuel and Rush Hour. There were just over 900 students on campus who heard the gospel presented with over 40 students wanting to surrender their lives to Christ as Lord. There 50 others who had never followed Him in believer’s baptism who wanted to know how to take that step. God is doing some incredible things in our body. Pray for the LifePoint student staff and volunteers as they follow up with each of the students for further counseling and encouragement.

This coming Sunday @ 10:45 a.m. a new worship opportunity will begin in the Hub (used to be called the multi-purpose center). Micah Huebner will be leading the music along with a worship band. Pat’s sermon will be video cast into the Hub where people will be seated around tables. This may be an opportunity you would like to check out to see if it is where you would like to worship each week. This gives LifePoint members and attenders another worship opportunity to invite friends and family to each week for worship. Each time LifePoint provides new space for worship and growth God sends people and you invite friends. Make sure and do your part to invite those who you have been investing in each week.

Don’t forget Worship in The Hub, Sunday 10:45 a.m.

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millsa portion of the article…

Not all the news about Southern Baptists is negative. The convention has begun to focus on planting churches among ethnic minorities and is seeing some promising results. And some older congregations who have adopted innovative practices are thriving.

That’s the case at Life Point Church in Smyrna — which recently changed its name from First Baptist Church. On Wednesday night several hundred teenagers packed an auditorium at the church, singing along as a rock band sang “Everlasting God,” their hands raised in prayer.

Down the hallway, a group of adults hung out, sipping coffee in the church’s World Cup Cafe, while others filled a nearby classroom for a budgeting class. On Sundays, more than 2,500 people will pack worship service. The church is already making plans to expand to a second satellite location.

In jeans and a khaki pullover, the Rev. Pat Hood doesn’t look like a typical Baptist pastor. But he remains conservative in his theology, and loyal to the convention.

“We are not ashamed of being Baptist,” he said. “But at the same time, our goal is not to make people Baptist. Our goal is to make people followers of Christ.”

Longtime church member Joel Sturdivant said the rock music and casual atmosphere help attract newcomers. But he believes a change in the attitude of members was more important.

When Sturdivant, now 70, first came to the church in 1977, it was a fairly insular community, he said.

“It was a typical First Baptist Church,” he said, “more about what we and us and my friends are doing than about what Scripture says we should be doing.”

That changed when a former missionary became pastor, and urged the congregation to be more community focused.

“It’s not just about me and my friends,” Sturdivant said. The church grew, he said, by loving its neighbors with actions, not words.

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