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Pat Hood

If LifePoint Church is where you attend I am asking you to go to Pat’s video to watch, listen and take action.


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Small Groups

We are a church of small groups. We have small groups that meet on Sunday morning and during the week in the homes of church members. Eddie tells me that we have around 100 adult small groups counting on campus and off campus groups. 

We also have student small groups for sixth graders through college students. There are close to 100 small groups for our students. I am a proponent of small groups. My family is part of an adult small group so we have first hand knowledge of what an active small group can do for your spiritual growth.

I want to link you to a story from Chris Hollomon, our Student Pastor about a small group story that you are going to love.

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The Smyrna-La Vergne Food Bank is in need of food donations. This is an agency we work closely with as a church to help with the food needs of the community. Our own Helping Hands Ministry, FBCSmyrna’s benevolence ministry,  we work with outside groups like the Food Bank to minister to our community. This is a great opportunity for FBCSmyrna to bless our community in a time of need.

The Smyrna-La Vergne Food Bank saw a 30 percent increase in applications in September 2008 compared to the previous year, according to Denise Esker, director of the food bank in Smyrna. Earlier this month, 10 families applied for help for the first time in the same day. “Seventy percent of our yearly intake of food comes this time of year (because people want to give),” said Esker. (www.dnj.com)

Let’s get involved and help out.

Here are the numbers and addresses you need:

The Smyrna- La Vergne Food Bank is at 130 Richardson Road, Smyrna. The phone number is 615-355-0697.

Hours are from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

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Room at The Inn

Each November through March FBCSmyrna is involved in a ministry called Room at the Inn. This service ministry is lead by Lisa and T.J. Burke. The Burke’s initiated Room at the Inn @ FBCSmyrna over three years ago and have been leading the ministry with the help of many others. Each Friday evening FBCSmyrna host 10 (ten) men who are homeless from the Nashville area, they are fed, their clothes are washed, given haircuts if they would like one and given the opportunity to have a warm and restful sleep without the fear of any danger.

Small Groups and Sunday School classes prepare the evening meal and then spend time conversing about life, family, interest and showing the love of God to these men. If the men are in need of clothes, coats, hats or gloves they are able to look through some donated items to find the right sizes and given what they need.

The Burke’s have expressed a need for men to drive the van to pick up the guests on Friday evening and drop them off on Saturday morning. They need men to sleep over at the church. They are also in need of men’s socks, underwear, and gloves. The gloves and socks can be gently used. The underwear needs to be new. They need deodorant, shaving cream, and toothpaste.

Room at the Inn is a great service ministry and I encourage you to become a part of at FBCSmyrna. If you would like to volunteer contact Susan Garland in the Global Initiative office @ 459-3311 and she will put you in touch with Lisa and T.J..

Thank you Lisa and T.J. for your leadership and your servant heart. Your example of showing God’s love in a tangible way is making a difference.

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I got the opportunity to speak for Pat yesterday. He is gracious to let me stand in for him when he needs a break. Well, as I was “waxing eloquently” speaking on Excellence and our desire to live lives that honor the Father of Excellence I made a huge blunder. Thankfully, I had said “excellence doesn’t mean perfection”. I made the statement “sometimes I need to look at the enemies (meaning the opposites) of excellence to have a good understanding of what is meant. Some of the synonyms for excellence are apathy, laziness, and mediocrity.” It wasn’t too long after I finished the message that someone came to me and enlightened me that an antonym is the opposite of a word and synonyms can be interchanged.

It is good to be a living illustration for the people. (kind of like chicken or poultry)

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This weekend Tammy Faye Messner (formerly Bakker) passed away. She has battled with cancer for several years. As with her whole adult life, the battle with cancer was displayed for the world to see on television. I was shocked when I saw her on Larry King Live this past week. She had dwindled to around 60 lbs. She passed away a few days later and the reports on television, in the print media and on the Internet have been everywhere.

I am wondering this morning how does someone who was at one time hated by the mainstream media and by many in the religious media go from “mocked” to “darling” in a few short years. It was only yesterday it seems that she and her former husband were all over the television for racketeering and tax evasion. She was made fun of for her extravagant lifestyle and outrageous makeup. There were no few detractors in the media who castigated her for what some might call “manipulating” people into sending money to a ministry in hopes of material blessing and a room with a view.

Tammy Faye had a resurgence in the last several years in terms of media coverage. After her former husband went to prison, she married his friend and business partner and then watched as he went to prison for fraud. She became heavily involved in the homosexual community as an AIDS activist (her memorial service was officiated by an openly gay pastor) and seemed to somehow come out of all this on top as far as the media is concerned.

How does one go from being the “butt of the jokes” to seemingly “darling” of the media.

Death, I guess has a way of making us recall the positive qualities of an individual. For that, I am grateful.

Tammy Faye – influence in the kingdom of God (positive or negative, you decide), brought attention to the kingdom of God (positive or negative, you decide), her children are involved in ministry today, she has tried to help those less fortunate than herself, brought attention to a terrible disease and those who have the disease.

Don’t misunderstand this post, I have many questions about Tammy Faye and her lifestyle. My posting about her death and her life does not condone what she was involved in or represented. I am just wondering aloud about the apparent dichotomies of life and practice in a person.

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Day of Kids

Incredible day! These are the only words that come to mind right now about yesterday. Mother’s Day is pretty special at our Church. It is mom’s day but the kids make it special. We utilize our children’s ministry to lead out in worship as a way for the mothers to see what is going on in the children’s ministry on Sunday while they (moms) are worshipping. Our children’s pastor, Allen Bishop, and the Soul Station team did an incredible job of leading us in during worship. We learned that “true heroes never give up on doing good”. Our kids were very engaged during worship and the way Allen and the team involved everyone was really special.

We also had the opportunity to dedicate nearly 50 children to the Lord. Thirty-four families committed to lead their homes in a manner that would honor God and lead their children to faith in Christ. We know the kids will eventually have to submit their lives to Christ personally, but as parents we can help set the context for them to see Christ lived out daily in our homes. It was a great day for our body to see how God is moving in our preschool and children’s ministry.

We also got to be involved in the adoption process with our pastor, Pat Hood and his family. Go to this blog (thanks Alison) and see how that happened during our services. Wow, technology is amazing.

See you this week somewhere in Smyrna. 

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