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If you were unable to be in Go…ology either of the last two Wednesday’s you can go to the LifePoint Church website and click on the media player to find the podcast. It is under the title Godology. You will see week #1 and week #2. Go check it out.


Wow of a Weekend

Amy left for a teacher retreat on Wednesday afternoon with her school. Dad was left in charge for the rest of the week. Shouldn’t be too hard, after all no school on Thursday and Friday and the kids are old enough to stay be themselves on dad’s work day. Friday comes and dad is off work and everyone is doing their own thing, Wii, computer, football throwing, cleaning, straightening, and preparing for mom to come home.

It gets interesting here. Around 1:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon the boys are playing in the drive way having a great time. They are playing together very well on the Power-Wing Evan received for Christmas. Only problem is it isn’t a “bicycle built for two.” They are riding and playing around together when Peyton decides to “bail out” and creates major instability on a toy that is decidedly unstable to begin with. You guessed right, Evan flies face first onto the garage floor and forgets to close his mouth before hitting the ground (kind of like this kid and sans helmet). Oh the noise I heard. This was not the usual cry or moan of disgust. This was the belly cry of a child who was freaking out. I met Peyton at the garage door  with, “I really didn’t mean to…I didn’t realize… He just….”. I think you get the point.

Evan comes in behind him with blood running down his face and crying as is his face has been punctured a thousand times by some sharp foreign objects. Well, in actuality there were no foreign objects, only his teeth.  There weren’t a thousand objects, there was only one puncture would from his tooth. But, it was a clean puncture from the inside out. Thankfully no broken teeth and only one stitch to clean things up. I chose not to sew things up, but allowed the wonderful Dr. to handle things in his office. (I really had no choice, the kids have seen my sewing abilities and Evan balked.) Handled!

Jordan began feeling sickly that evening. By, Saturday night we had a full blown ear event going on. On Sunday morning Amy had to leave church to take Jordan home to the comfort of a warm heating pad. After small group, resting and a little conversation, Amy, the boys and I headed out to pick up an international student we have been meeting with as a cultural friend. He is a graduate student at M.T.S.U. and we connected with him through a local ministry in our area. We all went to dinner and Jordan stayed home to rest close to the heating pad.

girl-earAt around 8:15 p.m. we are heading home when Jordan calls and pleads for us to return home, she needs relief from the ear ache. We we get home she is in extreme pain and we need to get some help. Amy’s sister, who lives in Texas and is a nurse advises we go to the emergency room and let them look inside the ear. Amy takes Jordan to the local hospital for an exam and learns that her ear drum ruptured from the infection located behind the eardrum. The doctor said the rupture allowed her to receive relief from the pain she had been experiencing the night prior and all day Sunday. They returned for the emergency room with antibiotics and pain meds that allowed her to sleep until around 2 a.m. upon which time  we were awaken by her throwing up. She had not eaten very much on Sunday and the meds obviously didn’t sit very well with her stomach. Back to bed for Amy and Jordan following the wrenching.

We made it through the weekend… . Amy and the boys are headed to school with a cool facial scar and stitches (very small scar and 1 stitch). Jordan is in the bed sleeping. I would call her but I don’t think she could hear me and if she is able to hear me would probably ignore me so she could continue to rest from the events of yesterday.

Just an ordinary weekend in the life of my family.

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Go…ology Week 1 Outline

Here is the outline for week 1 of my talk. Hopefully the podcast will be loaded later today. www.lifepointchurch.org

Go…ology (Outline#1)

Emil Brunner (Theologian) –“The church exists by mission, just as fire exists by burning. Where there is no mission, there is no church; and where there is no church nor mission, there is no faith.”

Any study of missions must start with a study of mission theology.

Missiology = the study of missions.

Every great missionary movement was preceded by a movement of spiritual awakening.

John Piper – 3 types of people 1. Those who go 2. Those who send 3. Those who are disobedient

Not all can go, but all can send

Define Missio Dei–Mission of God

Mission = God’s activity

Missions = Man’s activity to

Mission always precedes missions

God was the founder of mission. Jesus was the model of mission. God sent His son, Jesus, on mission to the earth to seek out and to save a people for God. Luke 19:10

Jesus taught the disciples they were to take on the mission of God in the commissions of the N.T. (Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 24:47-48; John 20:21-23; and Acts 1:8).

Commission #1 Matthew 28:18-20

Primary verb is “make disciples”

Participles are going, baptizing, and teaching as you are making disciples

We are to develop followers, not learners.

Connection between authority and going–“therefore”

Commission #2 Mark 16:15-16

Main verb in the passage is proclaim/preach

“Go” is part of both verses, not central

This reiterated what the biblical message has stated from the very beginning. God’s redemptive mission is for everyone, not just one group of people.

Commission #3 Luke 24:46-48

Central theme of verses is message of repentance and forgiveness of sins

Commission #4 John 20:21-23

Culmination of the Book of John

The one who has been Sent, now becomes the Sender

Jesus tells His followers that as He has been sent, so He is now sending them (John 20:21).

Commission #5 Acts 1:8

The Book of Acts follows the outline of verse 8. Chapters 1-6–Start of the church in Jerusalem Chapters 7-12–Scattering of the church into Judea and Samaria Chapters 13-28–Sent out to uttermost

In Acts, Jesus tells the disciples they will be witnesses to the things they have seen.

The Holy Spirit directed and empowered the disciples to accomplish the task of reaching people, which is still the mandate of the church.

He came…He sought…He sent,

We go… We seek… We send…

Indulgences Offered Again

492 years later Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave. Along with a host of other Protestant Reformers.  Read the whole NYT article here.

A short history on indulgences.  A response from an evangelical perspective.

[H.T.] – J.T.

Go…ology Begins Tomorrow

Beginning tomorrow, Feb. 11, I will begin teaching a new series on Wednesday evenings on why the church must go and be the body of Christ and why we send people to be the body of Christ in the world. I am looking forward to talking about what God has been doing in the world since creation to reconcile us to Himself. Just as Jesus was sent of the Father to earth to reveal the Father’s glory so we are sent into our world and the world to do the same.

So, Feb. 11, 6:30 pm in the Auditorium of LifePoint Church. If you are unable to attend you can download the teaching each week from our website, www.lifepointchurch.org.

Book #6

Just finished Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. I enjoyed this book a lot. It is a very moving story (I got teared up several times) and easy to read (important to me).

publisher comments: It begins outside a burning plantation hut in Louisiana… and an East Texas honky-tonk… and, without a doubt, in the heart of God. It unfolds in a Hollywood hacienda… an upscale New York Gallery… a downtown dumpster… a Texas ranch. Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, it also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love.