New Worship Venue


Each Sunday of this year we hosted 200-400 more people a week over last year at this same time. We are blown away and excited about what God is doing each week in the lives of members and guests. This past Sunday in Connecting With Membership we hosted 25 people who began the process for membership. Sixteen (16) people indicated they desired to follow up with baptism.

Wednesday evening was the Student ministry’s outreach opportunity, Fuel and Rush Hour. There were just over 900 students on campus who heard the gospel presented with over 40 students wanting to surrender their lives to Christ as Lord. There 50 others who had never followed Him in believer’s baptism who wanted to know how to take that step. God is doing some incredible things in our body. Pray for the LifePoint student staff and volunteers as they follow up with each of the students for further counseling and encouragement.

This coming Sunday @ 10:45 a.m. a new worship opportunity will begin in the Hub (used to be called the multi-purpose center). Micah Huebner will be leading the music along with a worship band. Pat’s sermon will be video cast into the Hub where people will be seated around tables. This may be an opportunity you would like to check out to see if it is where you would like to worship each week. This gives LifePoint members and attenders another worship opportunity to invite friends and family to each week for worship. Each time LifePoint provides new space for worship and growth God sends people and you invite friends. Make sure and do your part to invite those who you have been investing in each week.

Don’t forget Worship in The Hub, Sunday 10:45 a.m.


Talking About Sex

As I said in the last post, we began talking with our kids about their bodies and why God made us (men and women) differently when they were young. We found age appropriate books to help us initiate conversation with them about these subjects. As they have grown older the conversation has become more specific to the issues they are about to face or the issues they are facing presently.  Beginning these conversations hasn’t been any easier, but the kids do feel more comfortable in talking with us because of the ground work that happened along the way. We, the parents still initiate future topics, but the kids are more open to talk about the topics we have already covered. We are not perfect on this and we are still very much in process of learning and making mistakes, after all we have never been parents of teens before so it is still new to us.

When our oldest was in the fifth grade we decided that Amy would take her away for a girls weekend, just mom and daughter. We rented a hotel room for them to go and stay in for a couple of days. We purchased 2 copies of the book, Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle: Creative Conversation for Sexual and Emotional Integrity by Shannon Etheridge. One book for Amy (my wife) and one book for Jordan (my daughter). They left for their hotel early in the afternoon so they could check in, swim and have fun. At different points Amy and Jordan would read a chapter of the book quietly and highlight parts of the chapter they wanted to discuss. They did the reading together at the same time and then Amy would initiate conversation from the chapter they had just read. It was difficult at times, funny at times,  but bonding all the time. After each discussion Amy and Jordan would go do something fun and light to break things up. They would eat out, go to the movies, or get a manicure. The weekend was an incredible success at opening communication.

I had a father son weekend with Peyton during his fifth grade year prior to moving into middle school. We went away for a similar week-end experience only no manicures. We did eat lots of steak though. We went through the book Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle: Honest Conversations About Sexual Integrity, by Stephen Arterburn. There were moments that were tense for dad and son, moments were we both looked at each other and laughed, but most of all there were great moments of fun and bonding together that is still paying off today.

When the weekend was over I asked my son what he enjoyed the most, his answer will always stay with me. He said “I enjoyed just hanging out with you. I know I can talk with you about anything.”  WOW, that is what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t try to answer every question or address every situation he would be faced with as a young man, I wanted to open communication so we could talk together when those times arrived. I still have to initiate conversation after all he’s a man. Which is difficult for me because I’m a man and talking about sensitive things isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

There is no one way to start opening conversation with your child about healthy relationships and sex. But, God does intend for us as parents to take the lead.

Helpful Books.

How to Talk About Sex

Amy and I made a decision several years ago when our children were in preschool that we would always be open with them about questions they had concerning their bodies. We would always answer their questions accurately and as direct as we could using age appropriate language. It is a decision we are glad we made, but it has caused us to have to work hard at investing time into learning how to communicate with our children.

We began to read books about how to discuss issues with children appropriately. We would talk with parents of kids who were a little older than ours and ask for advice on how to initiate conversations. Each time one of our kids had a question we would answer that question and wait to see if another question would follow, not leading the child to ask another one, but letting them drive the moment. Were we successful? I don’t know, we still have kids in our home and we are still walking through the process. I can assure you of this, it has opened communication between mother and daughter, father and son in very positive ways. Communication is the key.

The hardest part is gettting started.  In our culture today the worst thing we can do is ignore these conversations or hope someone else will deal with it.

Our job as Christ-Centered parents is to do the hard thing and talk with our kids. It will be uncomfortable for you and the child at first. But, it has to happen if we want to help our kids understand relationships and sexuality the way God designed for His children.

The LifePoint Student Ministry is beginning a new series on relationships next week. If you are a parent I would recommend you click here and check out the resources they have gathered and recommend for us to help us in this area (Scroll to the bottom of the page). Print it, bookmark it, do something to help you get involved in talking with your kids about healthy relationships and sex the way God desires.

Tomorrow I will tell you about how we handled our conversations concerning sex with our middle-school aged kids.

Go…ology again

Go…ology will begin next Wednesday, February 11 @ 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. I hope to see you next week.

God Sends…We Go

1. Co-Missioned to Go
2. The God Who Sends
3. Jesus Sends His Followers
4. Praying as You Go
5. SHAPEd for Going
6. Going as a Team
7. Going with My Story/His Story
8. Going to a Different Culture
9. Going to Your ‘Hood
10. Celebrate Going

Sam and Esther

Sam and Esther

Very moving…overwhelming is a better word.

We have to get involved and make a difference. We must move from our comfortable world.

Kisses From Katie

I have heard of this blogsite and the work that this young lady has been involved in for a few months. I have not had the opportunity to get over there and check it out though until yesterday. Pat forwarded me a link yesterday and said I would probably want to look at it.

I was extremely moved, quite literally to tears. I will let her words explain…

Definitely going on the blogroll.

Books – #4 & #5

In my quest for 50 in ’09 I have just finished in the past week a book I started over the holiday period and one I purchased in preparation for my trip to Belgium.

#4 – The Shack by William Paul Young

I am not a fan overall of The Shack. I can appreciate what the author is trying to convey about God’s love, the Trinity’s relationship and how that is vital to moving us through tragedy in our lives. I think Young has done a huge disservice to his readers by misrepresenting the Bible’s picture of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I understand that the story is fiction but he leads the undiscerning reader away from what the orthodox Christian view of the doctrine of the Trinity. Though I am in the minority (millions have sold, NY Times Bestseller) I cannot in good conscience recommend this book.

Review by Dr. Albert Mohler – if you are interested (concerned)

Review by Tim Challies – if you are interested (concerned)

#5 Belgium by Michael Burgan

This is a book out of the Enchantment of the World series. It is along the lines of an expanded encyclopedia. It has 144 pages of text, pictures and very good information about Belgian lifestyles. It has furthered my curiosity of what our team will see and learn when we travel in March.

I hope you are reading something worthwhile.